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It Is Time to Upgrade Your Boardroom Solutions with LED Display

The future of your corporation can be as dim as the light coming out of your old projector. Don’t you think it is time to upgrade your huddle room? Well, here is the article that can help you to acknowledge the signs that it is time to upgrade.

Determining the right time to upgrade the boardroom can be a challenging decision. After all, companies want to make the most out of the investment they are about to make. However, at some point companies have to modernize their huddle rooms with the latest LED board room solutions to ensure they are moving ahead with new technologies and taking the new set of opportunities they bring to the table.

Why do you need to upgrade your boardroom huddle room?

How long will your employees have to bring their brightest ideas into the gloomiest room in the office? For those who are still wondering if it is the right time to modernize and reset the experience center of your corporate office, here are the signs that will encourage the change.

It has become a noisy and dull space

How do you imagine your boardroom? Is it filled with different types of noises and utmost dullness? If yes then, it is the very first sign that you should upgrade the meeting space with advanced LED boardroom solutions. Projectors fans are noisy and come with lots of wires and their biggest falling is the light output. Unless the company has invested some heavy money in the high-quality projectors, watching a presentation on a project dimming the light and making the already noisy room gloomy. On the top, no matter how good visual designs you have implemented in the presentation, it will end up looking blurry and washed out on the big screen.

Mechanical issues are there

In the era of technology when everything has moved to high-quality, there is no point in staying back with plenty of mechanical issues with traditional projectors. The list of issues doesn’t only end with

  • Failure of LED components
  • Lack of clarity/ brightness
  • Limited features

Even with the best maintenance, traditional projectors are subject to mechanical issues and failure. As video walls display to remain in the isolated rooms, they are bound to receive a lot of environmental wear and tear that further degrade their quality. With no display quality, the projector has no use let alone valuable for your organization. With Prysm’s seamless LPD 6K Series interactive display, organizations no longer have to worry about display quality, wear, and tear, or higher annual maintenance cost.

It is draining a huge amount of money

Whether you accept it or not but the cost is one of the major factors why you should upgrade your meeting room with boardroom solutions. If you still wondering how cost plays an important role, then consider the following:

FAQ(Frequently Ask Questions)
  • How much do your board and traditional projectors cost?
  • Do you face difficulty while finding replacement parts?
  • Do your projectors have a yearly maintenance cost?
  • How much is it contributing to the revenue?

When talking about the cost- you cannot skip the fact that your traditional conference room board consumes 80 percent more power than the newest Prysm system LED display solutions. That means you are bearing more cost than your competitors who have acquired the latest LED solutions. In addition, it costs more and more every time you replace a broken part of the projector. In short, it costs more than what you signed up for in the beginning.

Why change is important?

Advanced LED boardroom solutions have already gained popularity among most corporate office spaces because compared to other displays solutions it offers quality displays at a low maintenance cost. It is time when you leave the traditional displays behind and enter into the era of LED display and enhance your experience center. With the change-driven technology, LED solutions have evolved and matured to cater to all the virtual presentation and meeting needs of both small and big corporate offices. These days, companies like Prysm System are offering a range of LED displays to ensure everyone can associate high-quality displays and unlock doors of opportunities that come with it.


In the above content, she has explained about signs that tell you it is time to upgrade your corporate meeting room with LED solutions. The hallmark of truly disruptive technology is that it changes our day-to-day workflow. At Prysm, I see this happening all the time. A case in point is how we use Prysm visual collaboration software to help us prepare for, conduct, and follow up after board meetings.

Board meetings require the collection and business organization of a lot of rich content — PowerPoint presentations, minutes from the last meeting, spreadsheets, dashboards, and more — all from multiple departments. At most companies, the workflow goes something like this:  Each content author emails their documents to the team for review.  Revisions and iterations are sent around again and again (which inevitably presents version-control challenges). Someone must be appointed as the “keeper” of the final versions of each document. If I want to refer to these materials before or after the boardroom solutions presentation, I have to do an extensive search of my email to find the right version of the right document from the right meeting experience center. It’s an organizational nightmare.

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